Start Xm updating problem

Xm updating problem

And in addition to this you have one Administrator console for both MDM and MAM.

Two external DNS records have been created; Setting up Citrix Xen Mobile 10 After uploading the Citrix Xen Mobile appliance to the hypervisor, start the virtual machine and open the command window.

Enter a new password for the command line admin account, this is another account than the Webinterface Administrator.

The webinterface URL is displayed above “Starting monitoring..” . In my case HTTPS:// Open a browser and open the URL from previous step. Press the Start button You can use a local or a remote License server.

For the Citrix Xen Mobile 10 setup I use a wildcard certificate.

In my case I enter L and press enter Enter the Xen Mobile Server FQDN, this must be the external MDM address. Press y to set the same password for all the certificates of the PKI Then enter the new password and press y to commit the settings Fill in the webinterface administrator information. Type y to commit the settings The last step in the command line setup is the question if you want to upgrade from a previous release. Type N and enter After that Xen Mobile 10 will be configured.

After a few minutes the Xen Mobile 10 appliance is ready for the webinterface setup.

The Xen Mobile Server is, just like the old App Controller, an Unix appliance running on Xen Server, Hyper-V or a VMWare hypervisor.