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Who is masi oka dating

That's why I really think this movie will be a global hit."9. And frankly, he doesn't miss playing World of Warcraft, a pastime he had to give up once "Heroes" fans learned his handle. What I learned when you don't have cable or Ti Vo, and you can't play World of Warcraft, is that you have more time to hang out with your friends, you know?

Philip told me that generous actors make their partners look good.

And at the end of the day that's what acting is about. No, he doesn't know how the May-December romance between his "Heroes" co-stars, Hayden Panettiere, 18, and Milo Ventimiglia, 30, got started.

The season is called 'Villains,' so our heroes will be thinking about whether they are good or bad.

There are alligators and cats and dogs and dinosaurs. "OK, so he can't say anything, save for this tidbit: "A lot of the characters from Season 2 will be back.

I just love comedy and I honestly believe that laughter transcends everything.

If everyone laughed together, laughed more, it would unite the world in peace "8.

He worked on the original "Hulk," directed by Ang Lee, and thought it was pretty cool - until he saw it. It was a little plastic-y but that was Ang Lee's vision.

He was actually there at the offices every day in post-production, which was great for us.

She continued: “Masi is a Capricorn who enjoys doing karaoke, playing Tetris and being nominated for best supporting actor.

Not only can this hero bend the space-time continuum and empty the cache on your Web browser, he can also do a mean human beat box.” A good sport, Oka replied the best way he could: He beatboxed on the spot.

"I don't want to comment on their personal lives, but in the beginning when the show started we were all like one big family on set.