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• As an important backdrop to 2003 movie, The Da Vinci Code, the Louvre went Hollywood in 2003 and instantly became recognizable to movie audiences worldwide.

Details like the figure's elongated silhouette, position in space and realistic nudity lead scholars to believe the statue was completed at the end of the 2nd century BC.

Find it: Take the elevator down to the ground floor to Greek Antiquities.

The masterpiece features the personified winged figure of Victory, appearing to bring favor upon a ship.

Scholars believe the statue may have been created as an offering to the gods from the Rhodians, as thanks for a naval victory.

The painting was completed by the Italian Renaissance master Paolo Caliari, also known as Veronese, between 1562-63.

Caliari reimagines the celebration as a sumptuous 16th-century Venetian feast, complete with rich details and elegant architecture.

When you reach the statue of Diana the Huntress, turn right: the Mona Lisa is in front of you.

This massive canvas, which dominates the room that also displays the Mona Lisa, depicts the setting of Jesus Christ's first miracle, when he turned water into wine at a marriage in Cana.

The Venus de Milo, is on your left when you enter Room 7.

The Winged Victory is a reconstruction of an original Greek statue that was discovered in pieces on the island of Samothrace in 1863.

The Venus de Milo, or Aphrodite of Melos, is one of the most magnificent remnants of the Hellenistic period of Greek history.