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Trump, of course, took out full-page ads in the city’s daily newspapers condemning the youths.

Credico’s connection to both men is that they both were guests on his WBAI radio show.

Now, Randy Credico — who has found himself embroiled in Congress’s “Russiagate” probe — himself is taking the Fifth. operative Roger Stone as the so-called “intermediary” between Stone and Wiki Leaks’ Julian Assange.

This Tuesday, Credico’s attorney Martin Stolar wrote to the House Committee on Intelligence, stating his client would “assert the protections of the 5th Amendment to the Constitution and decline to answer any questions beyond personal pedigree.” The committee’s senior counsel promptly e-mailed Stolar back that since Credico would be pleading the Fifth, he didn’t need to appear in Washington this Friday, to give a deposition before the committee, as had been previously scheduled. During last year’s presidential campaign, Stone, claiming insider information, had hinted that John Podesta would be skewered by Wiki Leaks, which did, in fact, go on to post the Hillary Clinton campaign chairperson’s e-mails for the world to see.

More to the point, Stolar said, “I don’t know where this investigation is going.