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Teenage sex websites

My partner said he doesnt want anything to do with me if i decide to keep a baby( he doesnt know for sure yet, though im sure he is suspicious i am pregnant) I'd guess i'd like to know what im in for and how tough this is going to be.

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my mam and sister are hoping i don't keep the child but, my boyfriend wants me to keep it they said what ever way i go the three will support me i don't think i could go through not keeping the child but, I'm also not strong enough to keep it and i don;t think I'm ready..don't really understand at all i just don't no what to do :/ can someone help please...?

Hi Lulu - Being pregnant and scared at 16 is very understandable. Are you able to see a midwife or doctor to discuss your options.

Get early detection, that is very important, and talk to someone you trust, who cares and that can help you.