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Shekel of tyre dating website

There are four rings of a different metal place on the shaft and the horseshoe piece is removable for access to the rings.

Please send good sharp images of the front and back of the item in question.

I am just curious if anyone has seen a piece like this. Hi, I found your site and am curious if anyone knows what this box is.. The tribe most likely making the artifact your husband found was the Niantic, or in their own language, the Nehântick or Nehantucket, were a tribe of New England Native Americans, who were living in Connecticut and Rhode Island during the early colonial period.

Due to intrusions of the Pequot, the Niantic were divided into an eastern and western division.

Are there any markings on it that could help identify it, such as makers marks, inscriptions, symbols, numbers, etc? PLEASE say so and provide good close up pictures of them if possible.