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Origin of life from apatite dating

Our thanks go to the management of the plant for their tome a patience in conducting the tour and to Graham Knight from the town hall without who's help this visit would not have been possible.

Most of the vehicles in the storage shed were of pick-up style with fiber glass cab and aluminium cargo carrying body.

There are plans afoot to design and build a vehicle that can be accessed and driven by a person in a wheel chair without that person actually having to get out of the chair.

The company has a work force of 30 and produces a mere 5 units per week at the moment but has plans to increase this to 100 units per month to meet demand.

This part of the operation was the only smelly part of the whole plant.

Next onto the next stage where the fat and grease are skimmed off the top and the sand and grit fall to the bottom before the water now enters the biological tanks where bacteria feeding on oxygen pumped into the tanks by British built compressors destroy the remaining dirt. In fact the plant is so modern that it only employs 26 personnel, mostly biologists and technicians.

On arrival at the San Remo there was a champagne reception (well, Cava really) before we were led to our half of the large dining room which was partitioned off from an equally large Spanish party.

Once seated we were quickly and efficiently served with our selection of the three choices of the three courses available which was occasionally interrupted with loud renderings of Jingle Bells to combat the crowd next door who were having an equally good time, well nearly.

Freewheelers Christmas Outing Meeting at the Champions bar in Benimar for the start of their Christmas lunch the Freewheelers were greeted with the option of a hot mince pie and a glass of gluh wine (or tea or coffee) for just 1 euro plus a free slice of Marzipan Stollent, a German specialty at Christmas to get the celebrations started.