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Made in chelsea francis speed dating

Hugo shouldn't have played and did himself a disservice by trying to play. Everyone had watched the match, saw what had happened and passed on their commiserations - genuine mutterings, a tap on the shoulder and some sober reflection on the events of the day by the injured combatant. Dara had spent a life sentence in UCD doing dentistry and then medicine, no love lost for any of those "Trinity shites".

I'm not sure who was responsible for building those old dressing rooms in Stradbrook, perhaps a long lost cousin once removed from the Marquis de Sade.

The long corridor with the dressing rooms at the perpendicular was right at the apex of the prevailing north wind.

Job Langbroek, John Cantrell, Ned Byrne, Kevin Mays, Neil Francis, Des Hanrahan, Fergus Slattery, Willie Duggan. Des Hanrahan, capped by Leinster, was the only non-international in that eight.

Serious grunt, real power, yet curiously a team that starkly underachieved in the silverware department.

During the winter the 20-metre dash from the shower room to the first dressing room cut to the bone.

Just past the door on the right was the noticeboard - team selection - a quick glance just to make sure that they weren't messing with me.

Hugo grimaced as he stood up to offer me a hand of congratulations.