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Do not look at this any more than that they do things different and if you think about it, its a sweet thing to do and you know that if you two ever have any children they will be showered with family love all their lives. It also shows that she is serious about finding a man for marriage. Meet Her In A Public Location Make her feel safe (and yourself) and meet up in an area where there are plenty of other people around. Tell Someone Tell someone that is reliable about your date especially if its in a country you are not too knowledgable about.

Men Dating Stories | Resources All people are different and chemistry between two people can only be determined when they meet face to face.

There are general guidelines to keep to but if you find that being too nice or laid back is not working then please change up.

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Enjoy yourself but safety and good sense is a priority and hopefully this first date will turn into something wonderful.

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Don't Over or Under Dress Do not be a bum but how far you go in dressing up is up to you.

If you normally do not dress flashy then please don't do it for the first date.

Also give her a little money for car fare if she asks but there should be no significant money given or talked about on this first date or you probably are wasting your time. If she asks for money and you say no on this first date then she saved you lots of wasted time that might have been a second date or worse, an artificial relationship.

If she is actually a nice person but does not understand that asking for money on a first date is not appropriate then it just was not meant to be.

She will expect you to choose the restaurant, movie, activity, etc., especially early on in the relationship.