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The office is closed on Mexican and American holidays. For petitions filed at this field office, you must submit one or more of the following: Any document issued in a foreign language must be accompanied by a full English translation and by the translator's certification that he or she is competent to translate the foreign language into English.

Purpose: If you are a refugee or asylee, you file this to petition for your relative to join you in the United States.

Who May File or Receive Service: Refugees or asylees file this application in the United States for their qualifying relatives living abroad.

File with the USCIS office in the United States indicated in the Form I-212 instructions.

If you need to file both Form I-212 and Form I-601, file them together at the Lockbox address specified in the Form I-601 instructions.

To file with USCIS Ciudad Juarez: We will grant an exception to Lockbox filing and permission to file Forms I-601 at an international office if: For information about the exceptions to Lockbox filing and permission to file Forms I-601 at an international office, including examples of possible qualifying circumstances, please see the USCIS policy memorandum on exceptions for international filing.

To request an exception to Lockbox filing and permission to file at this office, please contact USCIS Ciudad Juarez for further instructions.

Please Note: Certain pieces of evidence may more strongly support a finding of residency than others.

To establish your relationship to a relative who wishes to immigrate to the United States. The evidence you submit must support a determination that you are a resident in Mexico.

For general information and processing criteria please see USCIS’ information about the U. Refugee Admissions Program or the Department of State’s website on refugee admissions. citizens who reside in USCIS Ciudad Juarez's jurisdiction and seek to adopt a child from a non-Hague Convention country. You can find information on intercountry adoptions and procedures in the Adoption section of our website.

To request a suitability and eligibility determination for prospective adoptive parents seeking to adopt a foreign-born child. Please Note: Mexico is a Hague Adoption Convention country.

If USCIS Ciudad Juarez decides that exceptional and compelling humanitarian circumstances warrant filing your Form I-601 with USCIS Ciudad Juarez, you can also file the Form I-212 with the Form I-601.