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Ussher assumed, first of all, that the Bible was the only reliable primary source for the events that it records.

He then began a third part, carrying on the chronology to the beginning of the fourth century A. “Light of Reason” Many skeptics have dismissed Ussher’s work, claiming he merely used dogma to solve a scientific problem. Seeking to understand how Ussher arrived at his deductions, after detailed investigation Gould concluded that the archbishop’s critics were not only ignorant but that they also entirely misunderstood his work.

flourit::1625-died:: March 21, 1656) was Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland.

He is best known for his massive compendium of ancient history, The Annals of the World. He determined early to pursue a career with the Church of England, a resolve quite similar to that of the Biblical Judge, Samuel.

And for about 400 years before the birth of Jesus, the Bible’s book of Matthew gives the genealogy leading up to Christ, but not the chronology.

Today Larry Pierce, who undertook to translate the Annals into English from their original Latin, has prepared vigorous defenses of Ussher and his work. Thiele (The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings) attempted a revision of the chronology of the Divided Kingdoms Northern and Southern to make them comport to generally accepted dates from Assyrian chronology.

Pierce, since 2003, has led a counterattack against Thiele and has argued for the primacy of Scripture over any archaeological find, no matter how allegedly strong the evidence might appear to be.

So influential was Ussher that for centuries his chronology was included in every printed edition of the King James Version of the Bible, beginning in 1701.