Start Intuit the value of validating business ideas

Intuit the value of validating business ideas

####Why Contemporary API services built to scale are largely comprised of a sizable amount of common concerns, examples being secure service endpoints, request integrity validation, application logic delegation, durable persistence, operational concerns such as auditing and logging, etc.

More importantly, in failing to require customers to supply mobile numbers, Verifying customers by sending a one-time code to their mobile that they then have to enter into the Web site before their account is created can dramatically drive up the costs for fraudsters.

NO ‘KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER’ VALIDATION According to the interviews with Intuit’s former security employees, much of the tax refund fraud being perpetrated through Turbo Tax stems from a basic weakness: The company does not require new customers to do anything to prove their identity signing up for a Turbo Tax account.

During the account sign-up, you’re whoever you want to be.

Both whistleblowers said the lack of email verification routinely led to bizarre scenarios in which customers would complain of seeing other peoples’ tax data in their accounts.

These were customers who’d forgotten their passwords and entered their email address at the site to receive a password reset link, only to find their email address tied to multiple identities that belonged to other victims of stolen identity refund fraud.

Stabilizing the provided resources with concrete and readily consumable components yet readily enabling implementation to vary over time without requiring complete/large-scale application re-writes/overhauls thereby allowing applications organization wide to keep pace with current state offerings, innovate more rapidly via selective leverage, etc.

####How Autumn is a contemporary collection of readily consumable state-of-the-art Java libraries that satisfies micro-service principle concerns, namely: protocols, observability, manageability, separation of concerns, injectability (Io C), component lifecycle management, and discreet testability.

Intuit should take a cue from credit score and credit file montitoring service, which asks a series of these questions allowing users to create an account.