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It seems to have been a company specialised on side cars or trailers. The database says the trailer was manufactured in 1952.

I am a student for conservation of technological heritage.

For what reasons, and with what results, was 'limited' warfare a feature of the second half of the twentieth century?

Topic 2 Nationalist and independence movements, decolonization and challenges facing new states6.

Look under "Sidecars made in Bohemia" for the listing with photos. Best Regards, Jonathan Hayt The page Jonathan refers to is: Marques mentioned include: Aero Avion BAFBDCechie CZ Druzeta Era Favorite Grus Chorovski Itar JACJawa Jessy KBMKobras Laurin & Klement MC Motex Orion Plicka Praga Premier Walk Ruzicka Marque "S" Smrcka Tacheci (sp?

) TAP Torpedo Tuma Tlustoš hotmail dot com Sidecar Garrard Latimer Hi, we are trying to find a detailed drawing of the chassis for 1954 / 55 model, are you able to advise where we may find one, we have searched the net endlessly to no avail. Many thanks, Sue London, UK ymail com Australian sidecar Hawk or Hawke? Rear has hawk tail shape Attached pics of the Hawke sidecar.

Regards, jonathan Thanks to Jonathon Hayt Jan 2009 “The Sidecar - A History” by Geoff Brazendale, a limited edition, 250pp, A4, quality hardback book covering the complete story of the origins and development of the sidecar in the 20th century.

The book includes a section on bicycle sidecars and an appendix of over 300 makes.

Only story to come with it was that it was used in 1939 for a honeymoon in South Australia. Cheers John Ipswich Qld Australia gmail com European sidecars Binder, Hiller, Favorit sidecars A few more sidecars for your sidecar page: Binder (Not Bender) Hiller (not Haller-Stoye) and Favorit = all German postwar but classic design.