Start Entourage inbox not updating

Entourage inbox not updating

I can then create group mailing lists from the results of these searches.

Checking to see that every Contact was in place, that email folders got exported/imported along with their emails, organizing my folder structure the way I was used to seeing it, making sure the important groups were created, creating needed email rules. I had to think about how I’d now get indispensable tasks done in a new way, but I think I have that under control. Mac’s monotone Mail—OS X color scheme is almost paralyzing.

So far, everything’s up and running fine, I’m getting used to Mail, and the clean install was the best choice; some apps even run a little faster, I’ve noticed.

In Entourage, I could easily create and easily add a category to a contact. I can assign multiple categories to any one contact.

So, when searching for a particular keyword (category) this contact can show up in many searches.

Though, if an Entourage folder doesn’t have emails in it (say you just deleted all of the existing emails because you didn’t need them, but more would be coming into this folder soon…) that empty folder will not be exported into Mail.

This time it worked fine and I was then able to set up my folder and sub-folder structure.

To configure folder display, right-click any folder and select .

Uncheck any folders that you don't want to display in Thunderbird.

This feature is not in Apple anything, no matter how they try to spin it. The apps, Contacts, Calendar, Mail, do work together, but in all reality are separate apps, and you have to work with them within that constraint.

My first task was to get Entourage Address Book and Apple Contacts on par.

You can configure which Gmail folders you want to display in Thunderbird.