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The name of his son Centulio suggests a connection with the family of the vicomtes de Barn (see the document GASCONY).

This suggestion is consistent with Aznar Glindezs choosing France as his place of refuge (returning to his Carolingian sponsors) after he was expelled from Aragon by his son-in-law (see below).] [de Aragn].

The Codex de Roda records that "Asnari Galindones" was expelled from his county by his son-in-law Garca "el Malo" and went to France, stating that "Carli Magni" (presumably a mistake for Emperor Louis I) granted him "Cerretania et Oriello", where he was buried.

When King Sancho's territories were divided between his sons after he died, Aragon was elevated into a kingdom and awarded to Sancho's illegitimate son Ramiro, while the neighbouring counties of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza to the east of Aragon formed the fleeting kingdom which was granted to Ramiro's half-brother Gonzalo.