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They are high- land coimtries, where the ]opulation, cut off" from the sea, is, a,s it were, held enchained in secluded circles of valleys. [Book L TIk; 40tli degree of latitude cuts the knot of moun- iuiii ranges, which announces a new formation to- wards the south. Of this the whole gallery of native myths is a testimony: Argos, who brings seeds of corn from Libya ; then lo, wandering along all the seas of the earth, whose descendants, with their love of travel, are transplanted to the land of the Nile, and retuni thence in the person of Danaus, who is a native patriarch, the ancestor of a genuine Greek race, and at the same time the founder of the Lycian worship of Apollo ; and, again, the son of the Phoenician Belus, the establisher of navigation, who in his fifty-oared galley sails from the mouth of the Nile to the Inachus.

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succession of peninsulas, coimected with one anotliei by isthmuses. Accordingly he also appears as the founder of the worship of Melicertes, just as j Egeus and King Porphyrion, the "man of purple," introduce the worship of Aphrodite into Attica. The clearest reminiscence of the debt due from Western Greece to the East is preserved in the myth of Cadmus.

From the coast beyond the sea, where his brethren Phoenix and Cilex dwell, Cadmus follows the track of the wandeiing Europa to the West.

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